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    DB Tool Co. Inc. is a company that will be actively involved in every aspect of your machining needs.  We have the capabilities and experience for machining ferrous and non-ferrous metal to strict tolerances with our state of the art full fourth axis Makino CNC machining centers. 

    We have been actively involved and certified to ISO Quality Management System since April 2005.  DB Tool Co. Inc. has the capabilities to perform precision monitoring and measurement with our Coordinate Measuring Machine that is certified to NIST Standards.

    DB Tool Co. Inc is very committed when it comes to machining quality parts. 


DB Tool Co. Inc. also specializes in:

Production Parts
Unique Cutting and Boring Tools
•Prototype Parts, Tooling, Fixtures, and Jigs
Precision Inspection Gages (Go-Nogo Gages)
Quick Workstation Gages
•Threading Internal and External (standard and metric)
•Precision Surface Grinding
•Patterns & Dies 
Precision Fixtures and Jigs
Tough and Dependable Rotary Draw Benders
•Bead and Flare tooling for Automotive & Refrigeration tubing
•Hydraulic Press Forming (up to 30,000 lbs.)
•Fabricating and Assembly
•Manual Turning
•Manual Milling
•Welding (Welding Fixtures and Spray Welding for rebuilding)
•Sawing (stock up to 16”W x 12 1/2”H)
•Custom Machinery (Built to Customer Needs)

Custom CNC Engraving


online capabilities, DB Tool Co. Inc. can receive and read most blue print formats.  We will respond to requests for quotes, ship dates, technical data etc. fast and accurately.





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